Sustainable waste treatment

Sustainable waste treatment for new raw materials

At Campine we recycle industrial waste streams to produce new raw materials. We dismantle lead-based car batteries and recover metals. We are also a leading producer of antimony trioxide and flame retardant masterbatches. Our sustainable waste processing helps reduce the waste mountain and makes us a prominent player in the circular economy.

Our mission & vision

Campine - Recover - Renew - Repeat
New raw materials
Campine - Recover - Renew - Repeat

Circular Metals

We extract various non-ferrous metals such as lead, antimony, tin and precious metals from post-consumer and industrial waste streams and lead waste (e.g. cable lead and vehicle batteries). We turn these back into high-quality raw materials for various sectors and applications.


Our specialty chemicals and ready-to-use flame retardant masterbatches are used in numerous industrial processes. We supply high-quality antimony trioxide as a flame retardant synergist, raw material for pigments or catalyst in the production of PET. We stand out in this area for our bespoke production and solution-oriented advice.

Campine - Recover - Renew - Repeat