Campine is the European expert in lead battery recycling. Did you know that 99% of all lead batteries are collected and recycled in a responsible way? Campine collects and processes used lead-acid batteries in three production sites located in Belgium and France.

In the Beerse plant in Belgium, Campine uses its best-available-technology to treat entire used lead batteries, as well as the lead containing fractions which are broken and separated in the French plants.

recycled Batteries
recycled Batteries

Campine France, with its two battery breakers in Escaudoeuvres and Villefranche-sur-Saône, is specialized in the collection and treatment of all end-of-life lead batteries. Dedicated collection solutions facilitate storage and transport of used batteries. A patented breaking and separation process results in separate lead fractions and polypropylene chips.

The lead fractions from the two breaking and separation plants are sent to Campine’s lead recycling plant in Belgium for further refining into high purity lead metal. These lead fractions are also available for sale to other partners.

The polypropylene chips are further treated in the dedicated plastics recycling facility of Campine recycled Polymers.

recycled Batteries

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