At Campine’s metals recovery department, we recover as much reusable metal as possible from industrial waste. We refine lead and antimony in-house to produce new and reusable raw materials. We recover and concentrate different other metals, which are onward treated by specialist refining companies. Together with these partner companies we help reduce the waste mountain, engaging in sustainable metal recycling with maximum raw material recovery.

Metals Recovery
Metals Recovery

What materials do we recycle?

We recycle various non-ferrous metals from industrial waste and by-products from manufacturing processes. Lead and antimony are common metals in metallurgical processing elements such as tin and precious metals may also be combined with them.

Where do the metals go?

Recycled lead and antimony are reused in the internal production processes of our specialised Lead Recycling and Specialty Chemicals departments. There, we further refine the recovered metals to produce new basic raw materials such as lead alloys and antimony trioxide.

Finally, we bring the process full-circle by delivering purified lead bullion, concentrated drosses and other reclaimed metals back to industry or to specialised processing companies for further refining.

Metals Recovery

If there’s more in your waste than meets the eye

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