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In 1899, the ‘Antwerp Chemical Works’ was established in Beerse. In 1912, the site became home to the ‘Compagnie Métallurgique de la Campine’, which specialised in recycling raw materials, especially copper, bronze, silver, zinc, lead and antimony. After the First World War, the factory on the canal’s east bank (now Metallo) was sold to finance the reconstruction of the factory on the west bank (now Campine). From 1924 onwards, the new factory emerged as an important processor of lead and antimony.

About Campine
About Campine

Campine was floated on the stock exchange in 1936: the ‘CAMB’ exchange code has been familiar to investors for almost a century now.

In the 1960s, Campine shifted the focus from antimony oxide for glass applications to antimony trioxides for flame retardant applications. Over the years, the product range was developed further. Ready-made blends and polymer-based masterbatch solutions were added to the range from 1987 onwards, and a specialised department was opened in 1992 for the recycling of lead waste and automotive batteries containing lead.


Campine has developed into an internationally respected partner for sustainable recycling of raw materials and one of the largest antimony trioxide producers in the world. Our specific expertise in both fields and our deliberate choice in favour of the circular economy have attracted customers both in Belgium and abroad. We have been exporting our products and expertise all over the world for decades.

We are a listed company, yet at the same time we remain a modest Kempen-based SME with a flat organisational structure. Our workforce currently consists of some 200 enthusiastic employees; however, with growing interest in sustainable recycling of metals and chemicals and rising demand for our products, the number of vacancies and employees is steadily increasing. In this way we also contribute to our region’s economic development.

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About Campine
About Campine


Sustainable waste treatment and the circular economy are becoming increasingly important. At Campine we are already responding to tomorrow’s trends through ongoing investment in innovative and ecologically responsible recycling processes, such as recycling raw materials. Our first priority is to have a positive impact on people and the environment, and we are increasingly offering our customers bespoke material solutions.

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With over a century’s experience of metal processing and chemicals, we have accumulated a great deal of knowledge at Campine. Our expertise is used for remote and on-site advice all over the world.

Campine has a reputation for consistent product quality. Our internal functioning also complies with ISO 9001:2015 standards and the ISO 14001:2015 environmental certificate, the second of these confirming our commitment to improving our industrial impact on people and the environment on a daily basis. In 2021, we achieved the ISO 45001:2015 standard, which stands for a safe and healthy work environment. 

About Campine

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