Over the years we have gained exceptional expertise in flame retardant solutions. We supply flame retardant additives for plastics and textiles in different variants and packaging types, as well as halogen-free flame retardant masterbatches. We also advise our customers about the correct, safe, effective and cost-efficient use of our products.

Flame Retardancy
Flame Retardancy

Countless applications

Our antimony trioxide (ATO) products are used in numerous everyday objects, being an excellent synergist for making products flame retardant when used in combination with halogenated flame retardants. Moreover, antimony trioxide combines high FR performance with the best price/quality ratio. By controlling the properties of the antimony trioxide, you can also adjust the colour, transparency and infrared reflection of your products in specific applications.

Some examples

  • textile: canvas for tents, blinds and awnings, banners, artificial leather, fire-resistant upholstery fabrics, …
  • vehicles: car dashboards, rubber seals, cables, structural components, …
  • building and construction: insulation material, roofing, flooring, cladding, …
  • electricity & electronics cables, plastic housings for connectors, sockets, corrugated tubes, …
  • • artificial turf, compounds and countless other products

Innovative solutions and packaging

We supply flame retardant solutions which also take account of safety, quality consistency, ease of use and cost efficiency. We attach importance to sharing ideas with our customers on how we can optimise their products and processes, designing innovative packaging and developing cost-savings products.

Our antimony trioxide range

You can purchase antimony trioxide in powder form, in a plastic pellet or in a bespoke flame retardant formulation, in which case we produce a masterbatch according to your instructions or identify the right components and ratios together with you.

Environmental awareness and sustainability have become increasingly important in recent years. Our flame retardant solutions have been specially developed to meet both performance requirements and legal standards in every sector where plastics or textiles are used.

Flame Retardancy
Flame Retardancy

We supply antimony trioxide powder in bags or in bulk with adapted or dust-reducing containers.

We supply antimony trioxide powder in a wetted version as a dust-free additive. The type of plasticisers and the concentration (1-4%) that we use for this wetted ATO are of course adjusted to your specific application.

We package antimony trioxide into custom-sized, meltable EVA or LDPE packaging (700 g to 7 kg). This allows you to add entire soluble pillow bags to your formulations without generating any dust. The human margin of error is reduced, safety is increased and you can be sure of precision doses for consistent production quality.

60-75% antimony trioxide dispersions in plasticisers such as DINP, DIDP or DPHP for use in PVC plastisols or aqueous dispersions for acrylate (e.g. for textile coatings). Phthalate-free compositions such as DINCH and DOTP are also possible.

Not just flame retardancy

Antimony trioxide is also used as a raw material for certain pigments.

More about pigments

In addition, antimony trioxide is the most commonly used catalyst in the production of polyester (PET). At Campine we are able to produce extra-pure antimony trioxide grades for a stable and reproducible catalytic reaction.

More about catalysis

Flame Retardancy

Nearly a century of experience and unrivalled expertise

We have been supplying stable antimony trioxide in various compositions since 1924. As one of the global market leaders, our in-house expertise is highly regarded worldwide. Need an antimony trioxide compound or halogen-free masterbatch adapted to a specific requirement? No problem!

Why buy antimony trioxide from Campine?

  • extensive knowledge of ecological best practices and legislation
  • attention to process optimisation and cost of ownership
  • production according to strict standards or your specifications
  • continuous quality control and product consistency
  • sustainable production on a circular economy basis

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