For Campine, the circular economy and sustainable recycling are a daily reality. Recycling reusable raw materials has been our core business for years. However, our goals are far more ambitious. Our mission is to excel in product quality, service and the associated added value that we can offer our international customers, people and the environment.

Mission & vision

Respect for people and the environment


The important flame-retardant materials we produce are used in countless products and save lives every day. For the production of PET bottles, our impeccable product quality contributes to general food safety. The safety, health and well-being of our employees and everyone who uses our services and products are our absolute top priority.

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We recycle post-consumer and industrial waste streams, focusing on maximum recycling of raw materials. Most processing of the recovered materials into new raw materials is done in-house. This helps shrink the waste mountain on our planet as well as reducing our own ecological footprint. We also contribute proactively to the environment with extra eco-initiatives.

Our ecological initiatives

Mission & vision


We create new material solutions mainly from post-consumer and industrial waste. These recycled products contribute every day to a safer, more environmentally friendly world.


Campine is determined to participate actively in the circular economy and help create a waste-free society.

Mission & vision