Our success story explained

Campine is a market leader in sustainably produced raw materials and ecologically responsible waste treatment with maximum recycling of raw materials. We are also a listed company, yet at the same time a modest Kempen-based business with a typical SME mentality.

Despite this seeming contradiction, our results are quite impressive. We are very proud of the facts and figures we can present about our sustainably produced raw materials, our company and our efforts on behalf of the circular economy and the environment.

Interesting facts and figures

About Campine

  • We export our products to 28 different countries worldwide.
  • Our site in Beerse near Turnhout currently employs a workforce of 185 people.
  • Almost half of our current employees have been with us for more than 10 years.
  • Campine was founded in 1912 and has therefore been in business for more than a century.
  • We have been listed on NYSE Euronext since October 1936.
Facts  &  Figures
Facts  &  Figures

About our products

  • Every electric car contains a lead-based battery in addition to its lithium-ion battery
  • We can recover about 10 kg of recyclable lead from one lead-acid car battery.
  • Campine represents around 10% of global antimony trioxide production.

About the environment

  • Our emissions are well below the legal standards.
  • We have created 25 ha of natural landscape in partnership with the Nature and Forest Agency.
  • We reuse more than 90% of our residual water.
  • Our environmental permit runs until at least 2031.
Facts  &  Figures

The financial picture

Sustainable recycling and the circular economy are increasingly important topical issues. Demand for recycled and sustainably produced raw materials is increasing. As a result, our company and figures continue to grow steadily too. This makes us an attractive employer for job-seekers and presents interesting opportunities for investors.