An application for the weather, Facebook, WhatsApp, an app to rate your sleeping quality, an app to check your bank account, …  In the ‘wizarding world’ of applications, the options are endless. Campine is doing some extra efforts lately to enhance its (internal) communication, and therefore, a few of our people (together with app developer Jan Van Echelpoel) developed an application. This application is exclusively for our people to use.

Thanks to this new application, which is called Campine Moments, all employees have the opportunity to find out more about upcoming events, their colleagues at Campine, any place, any time. Only condition: a smartphone and internet connection.

The actual purpose of this app is helping our people by creating more flexibility, especially since they work in a continuous shift system. But the most important thing: using it is an option, not an obligation. Users are free to choose whether they get informed about Campine after office hours or not.

On the homepage of Campine Moments, users get to see personal planned agenda items. Our people working in shifts can use the app for practical reasons, for instance shift changes or vacation requests.An application would not be a real application if pimping your profile was not an option. You can add a phone number, email address, profile picture, … And last but not least, the app has the option to send compliments to your colleagues!

You see, Campine does not stay last in the race seen the changes in communication. Also, we have an Instagram account now. Are you already following us? Stay tuned!

Our brand new Campine application